The HubSpot Starter Package – Get started with your marketing automation in 4 weeks!

Want to finally get started with HubSpot, but don’t quite know how? With our HubSpot Starter Package, we offer you a holistic implementation of your marketing automation without long waiting times. For long-term added value and effective inbound marketing.

Your all-in-one package of technology and training

To help you get the most out of HubSpot Marketing Hub right from the start, we make sure that not only does everything run smoothly from a technical standpoint, but that your employees are also well equipped to work with HubSpot.

Technical setup

We take care of an optimal technical setup adapted to your business requirements. Our technical setup includes the following services:

HubSpot technical setup
Setup of website tracking and email sending domains
Implementation of a standard layout template for landing pages and forms
Implementation of a standard e-mail & newsletter layout

User Training

In our HubSpot Admin and User Trainings from we offer 10 customized web sessions of 60 min each to empower your employees. Our focus is on the following areas:

Implementation of a Customer Journey
Setup of custom fields, creation of forms & landing pages
Creation of emails and preference pages
Web Analytics Setup
Campaign setup
CRM integration setup including synchronization settings, rules and intervals

FAQ about the HubSpot Starter Package

The HubSpot Marketing Hub is a part of the HubSpot platform that focuses on marketing activities. It offers tools for inbound marketing, marketing automation, content creation, email marketing and analytics. The entire inbound marketing campaign – from traffic generation to lead capture and lead nurturing – is fully mapped.

Yes. Marketing Hub has powerful bi-directional synchronization with Salesforce, which means that any changes made in one system are automatically synchronized with the other. You can choose which records from HubSpot to sync with Salesforce and when to sync.

With the HubSpot Starter Package, you are optimally equipped technically and also receive intensive training for the application. This way, you can get started with your marketing automation within a very short time.

We offer our Starter Package at a fixed price of 4.750,00 €.

After the package is bindingly booked by you, your system can usually go live in 2-4 weeks.

With the help of inbound marketing, a natural interest in a company is awakened in potential customers. For example, blogs, search engine optimization, or landing pages are used to attract customers with interesting content that is precisely tailored to the target group. By way of comparison, outbound marketing approaches that are more time- and resource-intensive work the other way around. Potential customers are addressed directly and addressed by means of cold calls, pop-ups or advertising. 

Added value of the HubSpot Starter Package

Book your HubSpot Starter Package now at a fixed price of €4,750.00 to go live in as little as 2-4 weeks. Secure these added values for your company in the process:

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